Sunday, October 11, 2009

Super Street Fighter IV

Can't lie... not the biggest fan of SFIV... however, the new characters and potential tweaks are exciting... hell, Dee Jay alone makes it an instant buy for me. Dudley too?

"Win" is an understatement, however, it makes you wonder why Capcom didn't just have all of this shit in the first place... sometimes, their tactics just come off shady and money hungry... and, it's not liek you can fault a company for wanting to profit, but, they release redos that make the original look like an incomplete game.

Also, I just got a new PS3, because my last one had a myriad of problems (YLOD, Power Source, Blur Ray drive, etc.... seemed ike sometihng new was going out every month)... brand new 60GB... superior model... ANYWAYS.... backed up my system to transfer everything, and guess what didn't transfer... Street Fighter IV and RE5 saves!

Why in the HELL would Capcom make saves system specific... I can understand tying them to a singular PSN, but, one console... that's jsut plain stupid to be stupid.