Thursday, October 15, 2009

Uncharted 2 = Best game EVER

God Honestly, this is probably the best put together game I've ever played. From the characters to the backgrounds, to every single inatimate object in the game, the textures are simply the best thing I've ever seen on a console. I haven't experienced screen tearing, frame drops, or anything, and, it's quite frankly one of the most jag-free games my Pioneer Elite has had the pleasure of displaying.. and it's not even 1080p!

As for the gameplay... I'm so glad they tweaked the **** that pissed me off about the first game. Backing out of cover no longer makes your character randomly go around the corner or behind the camera. Jumping onto objects has been buffered, so having your joystick off a milimiter won't send you flying to your death... it's just plain crisp to play.

And the storyline... without spoilers... is definitely the most fun and intriguing I've played in a videogame so far. I had absolutely NO want to skip through a cut scene at all, and am kinda said that I beat it, because part of me didn't want it to be over so soon.

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