Friday, October 30, 2009

Tekken 6 tutorial #2: Scenario Campaign

Ok, so, here's another area that people have come to me struggling with... the scenario mode. Honestly, it's not too difficult until you get to the three hidden stages... for me personally, this mode has become just as fun as the fighter itself, and definitely a "stress reliever" in the sense of getting on there just to literally beat the hell out of people. Anyways, here goes the tutorial:

In advance, if you have any questions, feel free to catch me on PXN, or XBL, or email me at

The biggest thing, is making sure that your first run through is someone that you're comfortable with... because you're going to want to play the entire first run with that person... reason being is that a big part of the game is collecting powerups for that person... and, the more items you get earlier, the sooner you're going to start collecting the more powerful items for the latter areas and hidden ones.

To make things not a COMPLETE novel, I'm not even going to go over the controls... go to practice mode, and dick around... period. You can literally play with everyone in this mode, so there's no real deifnitive explanaition on what moves to use... but, I can say that characters with quick and powerful strikes bowl through this like the game's set to very easy. My personal tactic was using Armor King, and, waiting for openings (whether it be while standing)and doing F+1,2 (1=square,x 2=Triangle,y). It's a quick two punches that are strong as hell, and then I run in while they're down and follow up with sweeps and whatnot. I have a video uploaded, which I'll post below so that you can see the strategy in action.

I can't stress enough, though, having a quick strong rush attack... because as you build up your character with powerup items, you'll start being able to kill these enemies with one attack.

For the most part, the stages will unlock as you beat them, however there are a few "hidden stages".

Ok, here’s what you have to do to unlock the hidden stages:

Kigan Island – Do the Abyss gat stage on hard… right away, there’s a dude with a straw hat… beat him, and take the map or scroll looking thing he drops. After you pick that up, you can just go back to the map, and the island will unlock. You unlock Yoshimitsu at this stage.

Nightmare Train – This is sut for beating the campaign mode… or at least the last stage (Azazel’s temple)…. You don’t have to beat every stage to get to through the campaign. You unlock Devil Jin here.

Warning: Nightmare train was a BITCH, but, I’ll try to add pointers below.

Mishima industries. Biotech ruins – At the Seahorse Hotel.. there’s a fork in the road at the beginning… go right… you’ll know you did it right because a random Kangaroo will fight you before Christie. It doesn’t matter the difficulty. This stage is where you’ll unlock Roger Jr (the kangaroo).

Subterranean Pavillion – beat 16th Archaeological Expedition on Hard. This is where you unlock Yoshimitsu.

Ok… those are how to unlock the characters… however, when I say unlock, it’s to unlock them for arena mode… they’re already available from the beginning in the rest of the offline modes.

Even though it’s a hassle, you have to unlock them to platinum the game”

… one of the trophies is for clearing all the stages in campaign

… one of the trophies is for increasing Alisa (the robot)’s level all the way.. which is done by completing all the stages

… one os the trophies is for obtaining all of the prologues and ending movies which you’ll have to have all of the characters in arena to do.

You’re going to need the S class items no matter what when you get to the hidden stages (minus the roger Jr one… that’s just considered a regular stage)… they are something ELSE. The biggest key, is keeping alias alive as long as possible, which means equipping her with things that up her health and defense, as well as “watching her back.” During stages, because you only get to revive her once, and, it doesn’t revive much life at all. She’s a big part of surviving later bosses, because she’s good for holding off enemies while you concentrate on the stage boss.

Another tip to know is that, no matter how far up Alisa's A.I. is, she'll never purposely go for healing items (or any items for that matter)... so, you have to lead her to them... my best strategy for it was running ehind the items so that she would follow me and run through them. You'll see this strategy, along with the Armor King one I discussed above in this video:

This is The Hidden Stage "Nightmare Train" on Hard difficulty:

Hope this helps any and everyone who needs it... once again, if you need further assistance with this, or any other trophies for Tekken 6, contact me.


  1. hey whats up so i have a silly question lol. ok so we rented tekken 6 and going through the scenerio mode and we are gettin all these items and we go to equip them and it says they are but when we try to play the scenerio mode after we equip our character still have normal costume on and everything? and it doesnt show on any other mode either.. so what are we doing wrong?? and how do we use the weapons we equip??
    please let me know!! lol would appreciate it very much!

  2. Ummm, you press the 1p costme by pressing punches, you select the 2p costume by pressing kicks... when you customize your character, it asks you which costume you want to customize... so just make sure to press the right button when you pick you character according to wich costume you did.

  3. Hi, I'm just wondering...where can I get the A or S items? I've been unlocking a lot of lower level equips, but I can't get anything above C. thanks in advance.

  4. There's no particular place. You'll just get them as you collect the rest of the items.

  5. The nightmare train is the only place I've gotten S items but im not saying its impossible to get it anywhere else

    though one thing i know for sure is that you find any in the beginning stages

  6. Vince, all 3 bonus stages are your best chance to get S/A-rank items. Also, play on hard mode as this will increase your chances at getting high rank items. My personal favorite place to farm items is Yoshi's stage; others say Moku, but I guess that is subjective.
    HTH and GL. I am still stuck on the NT stage.

  7. S items fall at random and do once you've equipped a lot of normal classed items. The stage doesn't matter.

  8. Hey TJ, you have both Kigan Island and Subterranean Pavilion there as places you unlock Yoshi; not Kigan for yoshi and Sub for Mokujin.

    Also, just my two cents on getting S Rank items: The easiest way I've found to get a lot of S and A rank items in a short period of time is to start at Millenium Tower on hard (use NANCY so the only item drops are for Alisa) then Roger Jr's stage (Biotech Ruins). You don't have to beat either stage to farm the items, but for Roger Jr's stage, he usually drops an item when he's defeated at the end.

  9. Hey! Thanks for the catch budd... I'll edit it shortly.

    As for items, my favorite is the subterranean pavillion... I normally walk outta' there with about 3 million g and 7-15 treasures at a time.

  10. tjis may sound silly, but: i cant defend myself and i cant throw low kicks, nor combos? is there a way to defend besides stop touching the control?

  11. Alberto, you can only defend yourself using the D-pad and holding back. The analog stick is only for movement.