Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tekken 6 Tutorial: The Nancy Trophy

Ok, so here we go with my first set of Tekken 6 trophy tutorials. It took me about 5.5 hours to platinum this game (Bought it tuesday evening, and played before going to bed, then finished after work WEdnesday afternoon... not even a day in timespan or 6 hours of play).

I'll admit, that I am someone who's played a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of Tekken, whether it be online on PSN or tournament play... however, I think with the right strategies, anyone could get the trophies jsut as quickly as me.

I've written up this trophy tutorial, and will do more as I get asked about particular ones in bulk.... so, if you're having a problem with one, email me at

Anyways, onto the guide:

First you're going to need to use Devil Jin, and, know 3 main attacks.

Laserbeam - 1+2
Flying laswerbeam, 3+4, 1+2
Corpse thrust - D+1

Here are the buttons (PS3, 360):

1 - Square, x
2 - Triangle, y
3 - x, a
4 - circle, b

d - down
u - up
f - forward
b - b

Anyways, the first part is getting to Nancy... there are certain malfunctions that the computer has had with certain moves thorughout the series... one of them is the corpse grinder into Flying laserbeam. If you do this repeatedly, the rounds will take you between 10 and 20 seconds, making getting the 6 matches before Nancy pretty time efficient. Here's a video of the strategy... once again it doesn't matter the computer's difficulty or what ghost you face... it always works (thus the term 'malfunction'):

Ok, now we're at Nancy... your basic strategy is going to be doing certain moves to counteract her actions. Here's what you'll do, as follows:

*Low rocket arm
- flying laserbeam
*rushing punches - Block then standing laserbeam
*downward rocket - sidestep then laserbeam
*Floor cutting - Wait until cut is started... 2 sidesteps, laserbeam
*Gattling punches - Block, laserbeam
*Rocket launching - laserbeam ince she positions herself (do NOT laserbeam after the rockets launch... you WILL be hit repeatedly)
Stomp - Block, laserbeam
Big Jump - 3 sidesteps, laserbeam when he lands

Here it all is in motion:

Remember... a big key to this working is keeping distance and continuously sidestepping... if you're in too deep, his recovery time from the laser shot sets you up for getting hit.

Anyways, I hope this helps... and if anyone needs any help with anything else, feel free to leave a comment or email me.

**EDIT**: A user Biology_Dude from the Gamefaqs message board gave me the following tip as well:

Another trick that I haven't seen posted anywhere yet and will help you people: If you have a 2nd controller, press start on it before she kills you. Beat the 2nd player then attempt to fight her again. Its easier than restarting and beating 6 matches to get back to her.

You must press start before she kills you. If you press start after all your health is gone then you'll start at Jin.

A good tip, because that cuts the amount of playtime way down if, for some reason, you lose.


  1. You know... u+1+2 repeatedly for Devil Jin works fine if you know how to defend yourself.

  2. wow nice trick i finally beaten her thanks alot and i was about to give up hope xD really smart!

  3. i have been trying for about 2 hours now and the best i can get is 54% health with hers at 22% when the time runs out

  4. *Rocket launching - laserbeam ince she positions herself (do NOT laserbeam after the rockets launch... you WILL be hit repeatedly)
    what do you mean "ince"

  5. @ Andy - That's no good. Just make sure you're hitting her every free opportunity.

    @ Joseph - I meant ONCE.