Friday, October 16, 2009

Blazblue... So much awesomeness with sooo much broken shit!

Blazblue... what can I say? It is THE suprise hit of this gen. of gaming so far. As someone who wasn't the biggest fan of the Guilty Gear series in terms of gameplay, this was a suprisingly deep fighter, that plays like a hybrid of Guilty Gear and Battle Fantasia (For some reason, Battle Fantasia never got a U.S. release on PSN, but, I've read rumors that it's coming as a download title to the Playstation Network worldwide, so, here's hoping).

Anyways, between the awesome gameplay, steep learning curve, and, simply beautiful graphics, this game not only became a favorite, but, an addiction. I took a break after ranking up to level 50, however, by that time, I'd played so much, that I started to naturally notice little things about the game that are just plain broken.

"Broken" is a term that fighting gamers use for aspects that are unbalanced to the point of not even being worth playing against. One of the most standout examples, is a character Carl. Although "mid tier" (average in terms of playability, moves, and strength), he has the ability to do infinite combos, which, take an opponent's health completely with little effort at all from someone who's practiced with him. Here's an example.

The following match was a ranked match between myself, and a player who's PSN is ZONG_one. I'm the character Arakune, and he's Carl... notice him repeatedly trying to trap me in Carl's infinite:

If you weren't able to notice the inifinite that he was trying to catch me in, here is a video I recorded of myself doing it (note: I do NOT do this or even PLAY AS CARL online, so, take this for what it's worth):

See this? On top of that, there is NO WAY for the majority of the characters to escape it once trapped, and, even those who can have a very hard time of doing so.

At some point, I'll blog with more of the glitches and "broken aspects" of this game, but, for now, I just wanted to vent a little bit, because, as much as I absolutely LOVE this game, there are things that make me wonder if anyone even TESTED the shit before it was released.

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